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Friday, June 15, 2012

Nothing Scares A Patriot More Than a Negro With A Library Card

Patriot Jeff W. at View From The Right explains how libislmunistofascists have failed the unheartlandishly hued:
The liberals’ godless project of trying to transform selfish, lazy, impulsive people into good citizens through education, generous welfare programs, constant encouragement, and zero criticism is failing and is doomed to fail. It is another sad example of people who reject God believing that that they can become as gods.

The left’s embargo on any criticism of blacks is part of that failed project. Not only have trillions of dollars been wasted, but also many lives.
And the immaculately Jesused patriot, Diana at The Thinking Housewife, writes about her encounter with a library card carrying perp:
Something happened the other day that called all of this into focus. I was in the midtown Manhattan library, taking the opportunity to check email on my netbook...I made my way towards the back of the 4th floor, which is quite large, and usually has open places. Opposite me, was a muscular, black man in his mid-20s, wearing two telling items of clothing: a “wife-beater” shirt, and a do-rag. I glanced at him and went about connecting my laptop to an outlet, which took a bit of doing as the outlet was slightly shaky. I then turned back to my laptop and noticed the black man in the doo-rag and the wife-beater staring at me intently.

Anyone with experience in black street culture is aware of how aggressive it is, and that staring is the beginning of an exchange, which could turn violent at any moment. I believe that the man was telling me that I’d “dissed” him by even so much as looking at him before I hooked up my computer. I ALWAYS give in to these overtures by not engaging. It’s not worth it. I don’t want to be a hero…. But this time, I don’t know why, I didn’t give in. Something about his unbelievable gall — his unmitigated cheek – aroused something correspondingly deep in me. I stared back. He retreated. For the rest of my time in the library, I’d very subtly check, and he stayed huddled behind his computer. I don’t recommend this. I just did it. There are times you cannot back down. I think the body knows when not to give in. I didn’t do this – my body did.

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