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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Patriot Who Proudly Boasts He's Had "Over 20 Girlfriends" Exposes Plot To Poison White People

After reading your comments, it occurred to me that many of you have a misconception about the work the absolutely not racist John King and his ardently white helpers at are doing to save white people. It's more than simply exposing the sinister nature of homosexualists and the unheartlandishly hued by constantly being humiliated by them. John and his pack of whitesavers also expose other threats to white America--dire, pressing threats like chem trails, the bombing of our cities by chemical weapons disguised as jet exhaust. obviously understands that even an intellectual giant like John can't be an expert on everything, so for something as technical and all sciencey as chem trails, they brought in a heavy hitter, presidential candidate and man who's had "over 20 girlfriends," John de Nugent. Mr de Nugent is a well known leader in white saving circles. He, like our old friend, and GOP hero, Kyle Bristow, believes French Norwegians, not Native Americans, are the original inhabitants of America.

You can watch video about chem trails by scrolling to the bottom of this post, but before you do, please see my summary below.

After the introduction to the introduction, the video begins with Mr. de Nugent being assaulted by a helicopter.

He soon learns that the helicopter was sent by the Bilderberg Group.

He crushes the Bilderberg Group.

The Bilderberg Group explodes in his hands.

Mr. de Nugents proudly smiles as the Bilderberg Group is consumed in a clean-coal-like cloud of life-giving soot.

His joy is short lived. The Federal Reserve dragon arrives to avenge the Bilderberg group.

The Federal Reserve dragon is crushed between Mr de Nugent's mighty digits.

After dispatching a third threat, Goldman Sachs, in the same manner. Mr. de Nugent establishes his credentials as an chem trail expert.

His family has fought in our nation's wars for "373 years."

He attended Georgetown University where he boldly claims he "found the study notes of Bill Clinton one day, lost while he was chasing a fat girl."

Finally, half way through the video, Mr. de Nugent begins his discussion of chem trails and drops a bombshell--climate scientistofascists are poisoning us by drawing cloudy-looking lines in the sky.

Here's the full video:

Update: Mr. de Nugent on the Discovery Channel, discussing how Native Americans committed genocide against the French Norwegian first Americans and his admiration of Hitler before he pulls two loaded and cocked pistols from his pockets (he is your NRA).

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