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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not-Racist Patriot Fighting "New World Order Types" Who Want "Dumb-Downed Coffee Colored Slave Race"

Our favorite proudly white but not racist, "9mm bitch ass Nigger eater" owning, lilac socks wearing but living the heterosexual lifestyle, paragraghs-are-out-to-steal-our-white-women believing, "American of European descent" is responding to charges of racism again. This time, he declares his tolerance of diversity by embracing gorillas and vowing to fight those who want a "dumb-downed coffee colored slave race:"

...I am the John King who is falsely being called a “White Supremacist” because I have the balls to stand up for the White Race, which is the only race facing extinction due to decreasing reproduction...The gorillas too are facing extinction (1500 in the wild as of 2010 and decreasing). People are so dumb these days (in general, yes there are exceptions) that if I worked for a site called they’d say “you’re a gorilla supremacist?”...Do your own research and you’ll see that their proposed NWO is a return to feudalism where a dumb-downed coffee colored slave race will toil for them on their global plantation. Wake up! people of all races! You are being targeted by these psychopaths.

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