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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bring Back Real Radio

My inner Frenchman wants to ask you to help Sam Seder get his weekday gig back. You can do so, by signing this petition and writing Philippe Collin. (Please be polite.)

Here's what he posted when Sam was moved to Sundays and replaced by Lionel "The Fucking Idiot" Lionel.

Note to Air America: "I'm not responsible for my inner Frenchman and his "values" so don't even think about deleting those two posts I have in the que.

From the people who brought you the Morning Zoo

It's no secret that I think Sam Seder is one of the most dangerous people in America. That's why his show on Air France, The Sam Seder Show, is the only radio program I monitor every day. It's how I stay abreast of what the libislamunistfascists and Congressislamunistofascists are up to.

Thank God I won't have to do it anymore after Friday. The "radio people" saviors the Greens hired to resurrect Air America killed his show. Obviously, since these folks are "radio people," it's a very wise move. After all, these are the folks who united America by making us all listen to canned nationally marketed formats like Morning Zoo, The Breeze, KISS-FM, and Stimulating Talk Radio. They're also the same kind of people who brought us the Pig-Vomit-produced Jerry Springer show. You can't beat that for entertainment.

Hmmm. I wonder if Seder would still have his job if he called a women's basketball team, a group of "nappy-headed hos."

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