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Thursday, July 03, 2008

An Evening with the Republican Party of Second Life

Last Saturday.

6:00 pm: John McCain holds a meet and greet at his unofficial HQ near the Huckabee Center for the Liberation and housing of Spermatazoan-Americans. SL Republican, Jeffery Essex is offended by the crucifixion camping system (earn SL dollars by being crucified) and torches the crosses using a flamethrower. John McCain, thinking it was an official GOP cross burning, poses for a picture.

7:00 pm: Sen. McCain arrives at SL GOP HQ to hear Ron Skytower discuss the liberal plot to turn Tupelo into Pyongyang. Wyatt Foster, creater of the Strait Talk Cafe, is disgusted by McCains third nipple and demands that the party ban him from the meeting. The GOP leadership asks McCain to get dressed and the nominee responds that he is wearing a thong "which is as dressed as Summer Seale ever gets at these meetings." Skytower begins speaking before the issue is resolved.

7:20: Ron Skytower ends his presentation with the ultimate symbol of patriotism, an Alabama football game. Two figures guard the stage throughout the presentation. The person wearing the death squad mask is Robb Rail. I think he speaks for all of us when he writes in his profile:
I don't believe in man made Global Warming. If you do, ask me for my list of peer reviewed articles against man made global warming...

No more comprimise, time to go on the offensive. If conservativism continues to compromise we will compromise ourselves into socialism.

I choose to be a revolutionary!
SL Republican Chair Tomasi Benelli is on the right. Here's what he has to say:
I do not believe in global warming caused by man.
I know that evolution is scientifically impossible.
I know there is no separation of church and state as it is (mis)understood today.
I believe lower taxes causes rapid economic growth.
I am pro-life about as strong as a person can be.
I know that America was born as a Christian nation.

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