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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hometown Paper

I finally got around to subscribing to my hometown paper, The Tremonton Leader, and I thought I'd share a little bit of it with you.

But first, I better provide a glossary:

Ward - A Mormon congregation of about 200 people who live within defined geographical boundaries.
Primary - A Mormon church service for children under twelve held after school.
Relief Society - A Mormon organization for women.

Sandra Neff
Leader Correspondent
Century School sends a reminder for students to look their best Monday, Sept. 22. That is the day individual fall photos will be taken. Yearbook cover contest entries are due Friday, Sept. 26.
It has been announced that both Corinne Wards will present their annual Primary Programs on Sept. 28.
The First Ward had Relief Society sisters joined in a trunk or treasure night last week. Items no longer needed or those that no longer fit, were offered to other mothers for a trade. A tasting table was enjoyed by all.
The Second Ward has also enjoyed enrichment night. The giggles could be heard throughout the hall as each person tried desperately to remember names of people they had know for years in order to win a candy bar.
Several baptisms have been performed this month including Chock Tracy, son of Lisa and Quinn Tracy, Rachel Draper, daughter of Tanya and Dale Draper and Jeff Rush all of the Second Ward. Jeff is married to Robin, the daughter of Leone Higgins of Corinne.

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent
Boyd Udy reports loosing a horse to West Nile Virus at his place. When the horse got sick a veterinarian took blood samples that confirmed the diagnosis. We sympathize with the owners of the horse.
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen went to Salt Lake City to the wedding reception of one of son Luke Houston’s dearest friends. While there they made it a point to visit with lots of their grandchildren on Saturday afternoon.
Orson has turned his Halflinger horse out to pasture for a while since the weather is good. He will continue to put up rocks on the front of his new home to “get it done before snow flies.”
Doris and Merlin Larsen were honored at Bear River’s Friday night football game with the game ball for their continuous support during the football season. “It was a nice, big football with all the names of the team players written on it,” Doris says happily.
On Thursday Kaye Draper went to Jordan Park Peace Gardens with friends. They walked and walked and saw many lovely displays.
Cleo and Gary Petit entertained (were entertained by) Jorden and Braxton Menlove from Saturday through Sunday. They enjoyed having them out in this cooler weather.
Cleo is continuing twice a week practice on line dancing getting ready for the big event next week.
We are glad to report that Emily Wilson is enrolled in a gymnastic class. Emily was also in the Peach Days Parade with the Trail Trotters and their horses as entry number 94.
The Richmans are very grateful to Rocky Mountain Power for getting the power back on. “We lost power Sunday night at 8:20 p.m. and got it back on at 2:50 p.m. Monday,” Clynn say. “We’re glad we have plenty of candles.” Winnie laughs. “But how does one put wicks into the largest one?” Thank goodness the Richmans had a slow burning old candle with a wick!
Winnie would like to thank Kathy Burns for her help on her new copy machine. It turns out that the computer is too old for the new printer. The programs are not compatible.” Sometimes I feel like that,” Winnie says.

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