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Monday, October 20, 2008

White Pride, Party Wide

It's getting so a proud whites-first Republican can't get a break anywhere these days. Take Utah State Senator Chris Buttars for instance. He makes a few comments about The Black, and and all the tolerancislamunistofascists from Tremonton to Panquitch get their asses in an uproar. 

One of his constituents claims to be so embarrassed by him, he or she created a web site called "Save Me From My Senator." There's even a place there where you can get "Save Me From My Senator" banners.

I don't get it. Why would anyone be embarrassed if their Senator made comments like these:
This baby is black, I’ll tell you. This is a dark, ugly thing.
As you can imagine, that comment didn't go over very well with the more tolerance-minded and they let Sen. Buttars know it. Here's his response:
I thought … the first couple days, 'Well you’re getting beat up but you deserve it, you made a mistake.’ But then they started getting meaner and meaner and meaner to the point it is just a hate lynch mob.
Some might say it's stupid to counter anger about a black-babies-are-dark-and-ugly comment by calling it a lynching, but Sen. Butters thinks otherwise:
Lynch mob is a Western term. You wouldn’t find one person in 10,000 in Utah that thinks that’s a racist term…. That’s not a racial term in my opinion.
Who'd have thought that response would get him in even more hot water? Well, it did. But the Senator was ready and countered with this.
How do I know what words I’m supposed to use in front of those people?
In the end, it was all good, at least it appears so from this account of a meeting with the Senator:
We were all surprised. It ended with Senator Buttars making it clear to us that he is powerful; he could repeat the 'black baby' remark and that he was untouchable. He said, 'If they wanted to get rid of me they would have done it in the primaries, and they didn’t. I am here to stay.
But Sen. Buttars being Sen. Buttars, there's always another quote to anger the tolerant:
Well, I think Brown v. Board of Education is wrong to begin with. That's a whole other subject.
We can all be thankful that these controversies don't affect his "get er done" attitude about legislative committee work. Here, he's responding to a fellow senator's suggestion that they get more information before they pass a bill out of committee:
We get bound up here all the time on "we don’t understand this." Well, there’s a lot of things we vote on that we don’t understand, but I would rather stand on the principle of "let's go for it."
And finally, let's not forget he'll never bow his head in the servitude on monkeys:

The divine design is a counter to the kids' belief that we all come from monkeys.
So there you have it. Sen. Buttars is a conservative's conservative and a Republican's Republican. Heck, he's almost Palin-like in his views. Why would anyone be ashamed to be represented by him?

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