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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Help for BNP Members

On Wednesday, I wrote about the British National Party's membership list being published on the internets tubes (you can get it here and here.). That caused a lot of consternation at places like Stormfront and Northwest Nationalists Blog, because most of the BNP members wanted to be secret racists and fascists.

Well, now, their worries may be over. Mr. Ekundayo Dunsimi has stepped up with an offer to help them out:
Dear Sirs and Madams,

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Mr. Ekundayo Dunsimi and I understand your plight. I grew up under the fear of persecution and am no stranger to violence.

I want to help you and I am able to put you in touch with a Dr. Chizoba Durojaiye, an Internet expert and witch doctor who can remove your name from these despicable Internet lists that have been published to expose you.

He has already helped Mr. Abidemi Gahiji who, if you check, cannot now be found on said lists. A miracle? You may ask. No, Dr. Durojaiye has a gift that he would like to share with you!

He also may be able to present you with a business opportunity to earn a share in $20,000,000!! All he requires is your bank details (he has your name, address and other personal information already) and he will set you free and allow you to cast aside your demons.

Please send the information to as an initial payment of $5 will be required for chicken feet (for a potion) will be required.

Thank you and God bless America and the Internet.

Mr. Ekundayo Dunsimi

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