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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not your Grandpa's Republican Jesus

OK, maybe he is your grandpa's Republican Jesus.


  1. They also need mocking! Look at how that healed Michael J. Fox. At least I guess it did. I haven't heard about him dying or anything. Isn't he going to have a TV special like that chav chick from the Pommy Big Brother shows? She was mocked unmercifully BEFORE she got cancer, but Britain's equivalents to Rush (whoever they are) started being nice to her once she got sick. And now look what a pickle she's in!

  2. General, Sir:

    Is it my imagination or is that stogie a turd? I mean Bill Hicks did say that Rushbo was a "scat muncher". Just wondering, Sir.

  3. That cartoon image is waaaaay too flattering. He's much fatter and his face has flabby folds and sweat dripping all over. And his hair is thinner and . . . I guess I should stop now before I start gagging.

  4. ah Rush-baby... i remember listening to him for HOURS back-in-the-day... surprised he's still kicking... maybe he does have supernatural powers.


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