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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Opinuary Column

The Opinion "Joking about assassinating the democratically elected President of the United States, if such joking is cloaked in the parlance of Hunters, is funny or acceptable or defensible or advisable or moral or appropriate for a citizen who would seek public office" has died, having been shunned by rational, civilized human beings. Its final hours spent wandering in a seemingly endless circle, lost and feebly pleading for understanding, the Opinion finally collapsed in a heap of latent bitterness, enmity, racism and despair, where it breathed its last and could project its passive/aggressive venom no more. Any ideology which finds that its defense of liberty invariably ends with impromptu fantasies of the murder of a duly elected national leader whose greatest crime is--wait for it--having been duly elected, has in fact lost all credibility, for non-coerced respect vanishes at the point of a gun--irretrievably and utterly and permanently. Even the grandest of fools cannot un-pull a trigger.

Services for the deceased Opinion are scheduled to be held somewhere in Idaho--perhaps in a cave or bunker, where it has been said that love and understanding may yet live, and peace and compassion may yet survive, if one is patient and knows how to look and listen with a stout heart and a curious mind. In lieu of flowers, relatives of the late Opinion are asking that people stop shooting their mouths off, lest their words fall dead on arrival.


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  1. I love how one of those scumbag Idahoan fuckwads is named Crapo!

  2. Mr. mjs, Sir:

    Should we all be going out to trade in our insulting t-shirts for a shiny new AR-15? I'm sure that the local GOPols would stand up and salute us if a hundred or so folks with Obama t-thirts showed up with their legally owned firearms.

  3. Whaddayou mean that opinion is dead? Like we're not going to be hearing more and More and MORE more jokes about killing Obama, from ordinary folks and on talkkk radio and Fox TeeVee? Yeaaaaah, like we're not going to be seeing any more Hitler moustaches scribbled on his face, or more pics of Obama photoshopped onto Adolf's shoulders, or Chairman Mao's, or The Joker's... NOT!

    Instead, Overton's Window has been opened, and soon it will be ever more popular in patriotikkk circles to openly talk about assassinating the president. Only the word "assassinate" is too hard to speak and spell for RealAmericans, so they'll just talk about "shooting" Obama. Shooting -- they know that one real good.

  4. Yes mjs, I wish it were true, but I think the funeral was premature. It preceded the death of the batshit crazy opinion that if they can't get their way through elections then force at the point of a gun is the answer. I suspect that shooting back is the only thing that will bring about the death of that fascist opinion, so it has been throughout history. I fear for our Democracy and our constitution that has been shredded by the party of unbridled corruption and just plain evil under the cloak of religion.


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