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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rep. Patrick McHenry Proclaims Victory

Congressman, heterosexual rights activist, and operator of McHenry's Hostel for Young, Strapping, Republican Men, Patrick McHenry, tweeted the following on Monday:
Small victories... #goodbyecornforks
What was this victory? The Party of Reagan, Nixon, Harding, and Bush finally ended the hippislamunistofascist-imposed tyranny of mulching at the Capital Building.

Go to hell, granola-crunching libertines everywhere.


  1. Thank goodness this not-gay man squeezed his tweeter and spread the good news. Our starving landfills are gonna chow down once again!

  2. Out foul Granola! In Fairest coal-based disposable trash. Yes this is a victory for what made Amerikkka great. Garbage. Woe unto the Islamopelosiannaderalgoreanpickupafteryourself-ites who are destroying our patriot values of rape, reinvade, and refudiate.

  3. I had read elsewhere about the scourge of Nancy Pelousy's compostable cutlery, probably in some liberal media source like Politico, and I'm glad to see that Rep. McHorny has trashed them. These utensils are just not manly enough to do the job!

    When a CongressMAN like McGannon has a fork in his mouth, he doesn't want it to go limp and bend over. If he's licking the last specks of ice cream off a smooth, round spoon tip, it shouldn't lose its shape and dribble stuff on his suit front. And imagine his outrage if McHokey had a rigid knife in his hand, yanking and tugging at a stiff piece of meat, and then the damn thing snapped in half!

    Every kkkonservative kkknows that composting is for dirty hippies. I look forward to the day when Republikkkan KKKongressmen refuse on principle to follow effeminate Democrappy rules on things like how they should use the socialist sewer system. (Sewers are a government mandate that everyone in the citizenry is taxed to pay for, after all, so they are unConstitutional.) Let's see Republikkkans peeing in the hallways of the Capitol building, and dropping trou behind the bushes on the grounds to drop a loaf. FREEDOM!!!!! KKKonservatives will beat your envirofascist rules, Demoncrats!

  4. What will the hippislamunistohomopaleojudeofemifascists
    think of next ?

    Healthcare ?

    Marriage ?

    Affectionately in Rhode Island

  5. Frankly, I applaud this.
    The CDN, or Cognitive Dissonance Nexus, like a black hole has the ability to bend reality. The CDN, or 'Washington' can't be left to think it is a green, sustainable machine by having bendy bamboo forks. Whilst Patrick 'I'm not really gay, I just enjoy the company of men privately' McHenry may appear to be trying to destroy a single element of sustainability, he is in fact doing the opposite.
    ManHandler McHenry is trying to overpower the CDN by removing some of the cognitive dissonance. Sure, he has as much chance of winning as he would trying to get Glen Beck to have 2 coherent thoughts, but the symbolism is nice.

    BTW, Today is the celebration of the greatest sporting nation in the history of man. I expect all you philistines to respect Australia day in the proper manner: Beer and a BBQ.

  6. I expect all you philistines to respect Australia day in the proper manner: Beer and a BBQ.

    Mate, I'm going to the local chowder house for their Australia Day lunch, but I'm going to bypass the Vegemite and cheese sanger. But only because it won't be Tasty cheese. Has nothing to do with the similarity of Vegemite to dogshit. Nothing at all.

  7. I've always marveled at those who look forward to a Marmite or Vegemite sandwich.

  8. To prove that I don't visit here nearly enough, I giggled like my granddaughters when I read "00.72 Gannons".


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