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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Amazon Review" But what about all those country stars who've kicked Satan's ass

This week I review a book that WorldNetDaily is promoting very heavily: "The Lennon Prophecy," by Joseph Niezgoda. I think it makes the best case ever that John Lennon sold his soul to Satan.

I'll also be doing an an exclusive investigative report later this week about a certain band that sold their collective souls for fame and a shit load of jump suits.

Here's my review. Please cast a vote to make it the top positive review if you are so inclined:

5.0 out of 5 stars But what about those Country Stars who've bested Satan, May 17, 2009
By Gen. JC Christian, patriot (Tremonton, UT United States) - See all my reviews
There is no longer any question that John Lennon sold his soul to Satan? The case Joseph Niezgoda makes in "The Lennon Prophecy" is about as airtight as it gets. I mean, hey, we're talking creation science levels of proof here. Niezgoda's conclusions are unassailable.

Each proof--whether it's the missing "The" on the back of the "Abbey Road" album or the fact that Charles Manson believed the title of the song "Revolution #9" sounded a lot like the Bible's Revelations Chapter 9--is incontrovertible. Yes, it's as incontrovertible as the fact that Adam loved to feed carrots to his pet stegosaurus, Pokey.

But as good as this book is, the addition of a chapter about all the country musicians who've bested Satan would have made it even better. That's a story that doesn't often get told in the libumetrocialist media. They'd rather we believed that Lucifer has domain over all music, when in fact Beelzebub only digs rock and the blues. That's why there's never been a book written about how Charlie Daniels out-fiddled The Deceiver or how the second most heterosexual American (I'm the first), Horatio Lee Jenkins, kicked Satan's puking butt in a drinking contest Drunker Than Satan Ep. The libumetrocialists don't want us to know.

There's also the question about whether John Lennon, Nancy Pelosi, Mia Farrow, Dan Rather, and Satan all participated in a ceremony that resulted in Obama's conception. It's not covered in this book at all. I mean, sure, we've all seen Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate--so maybe he was born there--but does anyone really know how and where he was conceived? Was Lennon's Satanic seed involved? Was it in a foreign place like San Francisco? We don't know, because Niezgoda fails to address it. But then maybe that's another book.


  1. The plumber sold his soul
    But it went down the toilet bowl

    You could look it up.


    btw: great book review. The next time I'm looking for a book to bore the ever-lovin' Christ-the-Only-Hebraic-Son-of-God crap out me, I'll look for it. Got my word on that.


  2. It is SO true that that hairy hippe sold his soul. Why else would he sing songs like "All You Need is Love" and "Give Peace a Chance" and that tripe? It's a cover-up for his message of hate and murder!

    Every good right-winger knows that what a person says in public is 180 degrees opposite of what they really mean. We do it all the time. Does "kinder, gentler conservative" and everything else said by GreatestPreznit George Bush ring any bells? Right-wingers know this, which is why on OUR blogs, we label wimpy Democrats as the true racists because they're always prattling on about racial equality and stuff. Only us, who are HONEST about our distaste for teh brown (and don't get me started on teh yellow and black and red, etc!) are colour-blind.

    The only question I have is whether Mark David Chapman was a demon sent by Satan to reclaim his purchase, or an angel sent by God to remove Satan's Servant from the streets of New York. I'm leaning toward the latter. The God of Revengance will not be mocked!

  3. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Obama is John Lennon’s illegitimate love child?! Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase turn me on, dead man.

  4. Well said, Sir, but I wish you’d taken some of the other country singers to task for consorting with the Devil, like
    Hank Williams III and Marty Robbins ("Oh devil woman devil woman let go of me…." It never sounded to me like he was trying very hard to get away.).

    And I hope you’ll use your bully pulpit to expose that little tart of a traitor Carrie Underwood for the terrist (pretty much the same as Satan) supporter she really is.


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