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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Republican Jesus Links

2004 Campaign
Character Assassins
Communion for Kerry
False Messiah
Karl Rove is a faithful servant
Kicking Mary (The RNC Kicker)
Still, Small Voice
Swift Boat Veterans for Soft Money

Cindy Sheehan
Pastor Bill cites chapter and verse
Vacationing with the Lord at his ranch in Judea

Christian Persecution
Christmas under Siege
Satan's Filibuster

Christian Values
Blessed are the ideologically correct
Bring me the ears of Hugo Chavez
Bro. Rove, Bro. DeLay, and Bro. Geoffrey D. Miller
False Witness
Go Fucketh Thyself (Cheney's blows up)
Hate is Love
Jesus DeLayed
On the sixth day, God blamed a staffer
Let him who is without genocidal tendencies cast the first stone
Red State Jesus
Slavery is Freedom
Suffer the little embryos...
Tom DeLay does the Lord's work
Tsunami relief

A few words from the birthday boy
Reason for the Season
Stand up and fight for Christmas

I Got Mine
It's Jesus Day
No Greater Love (Part 1,394)
The new social safety nets
Tsunami relief

A tithe from Medicare
Blessed are the credit card companies
Istook Amendment
No-Bid Contracts

Democratic Values
Acts of the Apostles
Blessed are the Chekists
Burning the village in order to save it

What's a Santayana?

Blessed are the harlots
Jimmy Jeff Gannon Guckert: he's no cartoon sponge

A Beatitude for David Dreier
Box Turtles
Kicking Sodomites in the Nads
Republican Jesus packs a rod

Eye of the needle
Greed is Good

Hurricane Katrina
A Katrina trinity
Parable of the Samaritan and the FEMA Contractors
The perks of class
The pork barrel of compassion

National Security
National Political Security

Plame Affair
Bro. Rove, Bro. DeLay, and Bro. Geoffrey D. Miller
The first talking point

Social Security
Rove, Dobson, and Christ
Smite Thy Neighbor
The new social safety nets

Stem Cell Research
Blessed are the embryos
Frist's Embryo-Americans

Supreme Court
Adding depth to the bench

Abu Ghraib
Bagram who?
Blessed be the Veep
Blessed is CNN
By their works...
Dittos from Republican Jesus
Fighting activist judges is stressful
Love thy neighbor
Parsing the President
Republican Jesus' Romanian Tour
Suffer the Little Children
Torture Memos

Blessed are the conscripts
Blessed are the embryos
Blessed are the Resolute
Collective punishment at Fallujah
Dick's Sensitivity
Don't make Republican Jesus cry
Hiding Prisoners from the Red Cross
Hiding the war dead
Jude 1:2 (Revised November 2004)
No Greater Love
Prince of Peace
The greater sacrifice
The Salvador Option

"Women Who Make The World Worse"
Women's Studies in the Heartland

DLC Judas
Flag Worship
Israeli Spy
"who passed through universities with radiant cool eyes hallucinating Arkansas and Blake-light tragedy among the scholars of war"